Wildlife and Habitat


Each year we lose millions of acres of wildlife habitat.

This loss results in many problems that concern both humans and wildlife.

One of the first questions that people should ask about the loss of habitat is, "I live in the city,how does that affect me?".

When habitat is lost, wildlife seeks a new home. If there is no natural habitat that they can move to, they will move into urban areas and adapt.

I have heard people say that they don't want wildlife moving into their area.

In reality they are not. They were born in your neighborhood for hundreds of generations.They have a natural built in genetic compass that tells them that you are in their hunting grounds.

Most will move out while construction is going on, and many will return after it is finished.

When habitat is destroyed ,where should the wildlife go?

If you say you don't care  you should.

Wild habitat is our habitat as well and is all that keeps our Planet habitable.


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